Two pink boxes with the Boudoir Privé logoI’ve recently launched a new subscription e-commerce business and it turns out we’re in a hot space again (as we were with DealBunch and the daily deal phenomenon last year)…

Boudoir Privé is all about meeting the desire that a lot of women have for beauty products. Each month, we send out luxury ‘beauty boxes’ with 5 or 6 deluxe-size samples of everything from makeup to skincare. It’s a way for people to try out expensive and high-end products to figure out which ones work best for their personal needs.

Each product comes from a different brand and, for the brands we work with, it’s a great way to get their products into people’s homes and to reach a key, influential group of customers who are both passionate about beauty and active in social media.

I’m happy to say we’ve had a great uptake since our launch. Only about 12 hours after the public launch of our website, all our August boxes had already been snapped up.

If you or someone you know would like to get hold of one of our September boxes, then don’t miss out! Take this tip from me: sign up here now and we’ll let you know when the September boxes go on sale.

Update 1: I’ve now launched a website covering the subscription commerce industry in general. If you’re interested in subscription commerce, take a look at Subscription Commerce Insider.

Update 2: We ultimately sold Boudoir Privé to French beauty box company JolieBox who in turn sold to Birchbox.



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