Social Innovation Camp

I had the pleasure of attending Social Innovation Camp this weekend. It was a chance to meet some great people, all with an interest in making the world a better place by using web technology as the basis for social ventures of one sort or another. A little like Startup Weekend, the idea was to get a bunch of strangers together for a couple of days and put together some kind of website. In this case (unlike Startup Weekend) the goal was to come up with something to meet some kind of social need.

Some fantastic projects were launched over the weekend, including Stuffshare and Barcode Wikipedia, both of which, if they take off, I can see having great potential. All the projects looked really promising, though, and I’m looking forward to some exciting developments with them over the next few months.

I was part of the team working on ‘Enabled by Design‘ – a website to allow people to share solutions to everyday problems faced by people with disabilities (see here for an example). We were fortunate enough to have a team of volunteers with a good mix of skills and backgrounds and we made some solid progress over the weekend. Our hard work really paid off when, much to our surprise, we were awarded first prize in today’s closing ceremony. Nice work, everyone! It was a real pleasure working with you over the weekend and I’m looking forward to working together again soon to take things further. Everyone pitched in to make it all happen and I don’t think we could have wished for a better team spirit. You all deserve a very well-earned rest!


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