How to do Video SEO

Tom Critchlow

The latest Grovo ‘Expert Series’ video is an interesting one. Tom Critchlow is an SEO expert and talks through what you need to know about video SEO. (And he’s a Brit, too, which makes a nice change!) Here’s the video series. There are 13 snippets to go through, so it takes a while to watch. If […]

Comparing Payment Gateways and Merchant Accounts

PaymentBrain logo

Working out how to accept payments online is a pain. What do you need, exactly? Which payment gateway should you choose? How much will it cost? I’ve set up a few online businesses now, so I think I have a pretty good idea of it all, but I remember how confusing all this payments stuff […]

How to Build a Successful Startup – an Interview with David Tisch of TechStars

David Tisch

It’s 11.38pm as I’m starting to write this, so I’ll keep it brief. The latest startup interview from Grovo came out today. It’s with David Tisch who runs the TechStars incubator in New York. David sees lots of startups from an early stage, so has an interesting vantage point on things. Here’s a quick rundown […]

How to Publish and Sell by Email – an Interview with Ben Lerer of Thrillist

Screen shot 2012-01-26 at 01.12.29

I told you about an interesting interview with the Bonobos founder last week on a site called Grovo. Well, Grovo’s next interview with a founder of a successful Internet company is now available and it’s another good one. This week’s interview is with Ben Lerer, the co-founder and CEO of Thrillist, a daily email city […]

Google AdWords Fooled by Scammers

Scam advertised on Google AdWords

Google AdWords has revenues of $30 billion or so a year. With that sort of money involved, you might think the AdWords ad review system would be pretty good. It seems it could still do with a bit of work. One group of scammers has been fooling Google for at least 6 weeks now. I […]

How to Build a Fashion Brand Online (According to Bonobos)

Andy Dunn

I came across an online education website called Grovo this evening. Perhaps you’ve heard of it already? Grovo has lined up a series of what promise to be interesting interviews with successful figures in the world of online business. Their first interview (and only one for now) is with Andy Dunn, one of the co-founders […]

How Google Suspended My AdWords Account Forever (With No Warning)

Be Evil

I want to like Google. They have all those free services: search, Gmail, Analytics… what’s not to like with those? And I’ve been a customer of Google’s for a long time, too – spending money on their AdWords ads since February 2007. Google does a lot of good things and I’m sure most people who work […]

The Rise of Subscription (Cheese) E-Commerce


There’s been a lot of interest in the subscription e-commerce business model lately. It’s a model that I think is particularly powerful. Getting Someone to Buy is Hard Anyone who has run an e-commerce website will tell you that getting a website visitor to buy something is hard. Think about what’s involved: First, you have […]

Startups: 23 Ways to Save Money Without Cutting Corners

You’ve started your business, but money’s tight. You haven’t got much cash to play with. Here are 23 tactics you can use to be frugal and save money: 1. Use Lean Startup Methodology photo credit: quinet Make sure you’re building something people want and will pay for. Don’t spend time and money building it before trying […]

7 Reasons to Start a Business Instead of Doing an MBA

Screen shot 2011-12-02 at 11.33.24

People sometimes ask me if I’ve found having an MBA helpful in starting businesses. So is it? If you’re thinking of starting a business, here are seven reasons why you might not want to do an MBA first: MBA Costs are Potential Startup Capital: Doing an MBA is expensive. If you’ll be putting your own money […]