According to an email I’ve just received from Google, they are today rolling out Google +1 Recommendations to all users.

When you hover over a +1 button, you may now see a popup showing other pages on the site that your friends have recommended via +1.

My account has been in the beta test for the feature for the last few weeks, but I must admit I hadn’t noticed any recommendations until today. I guess I just hadn’t been using those +1 buttons enough!

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see if this extra functionality is useful to anyone. If users do find it a useful way to discover new content, perhaps it could encourage a few more people to actually click the +1 button as well. For now, I haven’t found the recommendations particularly interesting, so I remain a bit skeptical about the new functionality. What I think would be useful to users is if the +1 button recommended content on other sites. But that would be a tough sell to the website owners who need to choose to include the +1 button in the first place and who wouldn’t want to lose visitors to their competition.

How about you? Are you seeing any interesting recommendations?


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