Hi! I’m Matt Collins

I'm a product and technology consultant based in London. I help companies become more successful at product development.

Product Development Audit

Are you concerned that your product development team isn’t working as well as it should? In a product development audit I’ll take a professional look at your product development setup to see what’s working well and your biggest opportunities for improvement.

Product Development Acceleration

Do you want help making your product development efforts more impactful? With Product Development Acceleration, I’ll work with your team to refresh your approach to product development. Together, we’ll troubleshoot common issues and get your team set up for success, delivering true value for your business.

Ongoing Technology Advice

Do you want a guiding hand on an ongoing basis to make sure you’re not making expensive mistakes with your technology? If so, you may like to engage me as your go-to advisor for specific tech questions and more general product development guidance to make sure you get your technology right first time.