Fix for “Couldn’t find ‘authenticated’ generator”

Here’s another little problem I was just hitting and the solution in case it happens to help someone else out there.

If you’re trying to use a plugin (in this case the restful_authentication plugin) and you’re hitting an error like this when you use ./script/generate:

“Couldn’t find ‘authenticated’ generator”

Check to make sure that you have actually installed the plugin.

In my case, I’d done something like this:

matt@tigger:~/work/rails/streetloop$ script plugin install
Script started, file is plugin

I’d assumed this had installed the plugin, but I don’t think it had.

The correct syntax seemed to be this:

script/plugin install restful_authentication

[Note the use of the name of the plugin instead of the URL as before.]

This resulted in much more promising-looking output:

matt@tigger:~/work/rails/streetloop$ script/plugin install restful_authentication
+ ./Rakefile
+ ./generators/authenticated/USAGE
+ ./generators/authenticated/authenticated_generator.rb
+ ./generators/authenticated/templates/activation.html.erb
+ ./generators/authenticated/templates/authenticated_system.rb

Sure enough, with that installed, ./script/generate worked fine.

Hope that helps you too.

5 thoughts on “Fix for “Couldn’t find ‘authenticated’ generator”

  1. Thanks Matt, in my case I am using Ruby with Eclipse under Windows, when I run script/plugin install git:// a windows command prompt shows up and then goes away, I though it was installed than I tried to run script/generate authenticated user sessions and I got the “Couldn’t find ‘authenticated’ generator” error, so I tried your suggestion but didn’t came up neither, so i tried to reinstall the plug-in by calling script/plugin install git:// --force and the windows command prompt shows up and now it did show a more promising-looking output :)

  2. Hi for windows users,
    to install the restful authentication plugin for a ror project under Windows, i have downloaded the archive of restful_authentication from the url and past its content to the restful_authentication directory under the vendor/plugins directory of your project.
    after that i have lunch the command :
    ruby script/generate authenticated user sessions –include-activation

    that’s all

    Thanks for all.

  3. as AWIJOK mentioned,
    make sure you move the downloaded files to vendor/plugins

    i believe rails looks in there by default.


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