Credit: Robert Scoble

So you’ve got a great idea for a killer Web startup but you’re not a techie yourself? You’re looking for a technical business partner or CTO; someone who understands business but can pull the technical side of things together and make your ideas real? This kind of person can be hard to find. The right people are in demand by established web development firms and other startups. Here are a few ways you might go about finding one:

  1. Start hanging out at web/startup events such as Minibar (if you’re in London). It can be a good way to get familiar with the big technology trends of the moment and start making some contacts in the web development / startup community.
  2. Put the word out to your extended network through Twitter, email and Facebook.
  3. Go along to a weekend event such as StartupWeekend, BarCamp or Social Innovation Camp. You’re likely to meet a few startup-minded folk who know what’s what in Web technology.
  4. Attend web-related Meetup events. These can be a good opportunity to pick up some handy Web know-how and ask around for contacts.
  5. Find some local startups with websites you like and get in touch with them to ask for advice. They may have friends or other contacts who would be interested in working with you.

Good luck!


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