I’ve just re-implemented the VillageRatings site in Rails. The site allows people to read about UK villages and leave their own feedback on them. You can now list villages in order of their ratings for any attribute or overall average rating which wasn’t possible before. And, thanks to Rails, the homepage has been completely overhauled.

During the re-write I also gave the site a new look. It’s an improvement on the previous version, but the navigation is not quite right (not all pages correspond to a tab) and it feels a bit cold. Perhaps a cute animal logo would help. And a bit more time with CSS is in order at some point.

Compared to developing the site first-time-round in raw PHP without any MVC framework, the rewrite in Rails was a breeze; wonderfully quick to do.

Anyway, I’d welcome any comments on the site. And feel free to add reviews of your favourite villages :-)

[Update: the cute animal logo has now been added!]


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