My Competitors get Dragons’ Den Funding

Half way through discussing my online takeaway idea with a friend, what should show up on Dragons’ Den, but two guys with a different online menu idea! We couldn’t believe it! are similar to and succeeding in getting £100,000 of funding from the Dragons in exchange for 50% of their company (although with the potential to earn back 20% if they hit their targets). Good for them. It will be interesting to see how they get on versus their (relatively more experienced) Danish competitors.

The entrepreneurs came out with a few interesting stats about the UK takeaway market:

  • Worth £1.2B in 2004
  • Growing at approx 6% per annum
  • Average orders are about £15

4 thoughts on “My Competitors get Dragons’ Den Funding

  1. I cannot see how they can compete with, they are a global operator with a significant chunk of the take-away industry sewn up. Should be good fun to see how it pans out thouth.

  2. Hey Matt,

    We weren’t too far ahead of you when this popped up on Dragon’s Den – we’d just started development on and although we were aware of both competitors this just spurred us on.

    We’re now no. 1 in N. Ireland and growing across the UK and Ireland.

    The competition is good, keeps us all on our toes and ultimately will make it easier for our customers to order takeaway online and help the local takeaways and restaurants grow their business.

    There will always be competition. Don’t let the next idea slip by – just make sure you’re the best!


  3. We took Master Menu to the Online Dragons, they were much nicer!

    We started up this company whilst at Uni, we distribute over 300,000 Master Menu Brochures per year at over 10 Universities. UK’s best local takeaway menus online and offline serving Pizza, Indian, Thai, American and Chinese food with over 50000 orders; pay by credit card or cash.

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