How does Ongoing Technology Advice work?

Whenever you want help with a product development or tech issue, simply drop me a line by email. I’ll generally follow up with you within one business day, by email or phone.

Send me as many queries as you like, within reason.

You should consider using this service if…

  • You are working with developers but sometimes want a second opinion.
  • You’d like an experienced guiding hand to help with technology decisions.
  • You want to avoid costly tech blunders that could come back to haunt you later.
  • Your investors are encouraging you to get some outside technology advice.

How much does the Ongoing Technology Advice service cost?

Please get in touch for costs.

There is no minimum duration and you can cancel the service at the end of any month.

We can typically get started within 7 days of our initial consultation.

I’m interested! How do we get started?

Please send me a message via my contact form here, briefly describing your business and any technology or product development challenges you’re currently looking for help with. If you’re a good fit for my Ongoing Technology Advice service, I’ll send you a scheduling link for an initial consultation.