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    Tool Wall at Nottingham Hackspace

    This is a collection of links and resources for anyone starting a new online business. I hope you find it useful.

    Lean Startup Methodology

    Customer Development / Research

    Prototyping / Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    • Unbounce – very easily build and test landing pages
    • Keynotopia – prototype your website or app using Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint

    Name Your Startup

    Learn the Principles

    Find an Available Domain Name

    Buy an Existing Domain Name

    • Sedo – find and buy a domain name that’s already been registered
    • BuyDomains – another domain name marketplace

    Build a Website

    Create a “Launch Page”

    • Launchset – run a closed alpha/beta
    • LaunchRock – set up a “viral” launching soon page with email signup and refer-a-friend mechanism
    • LaunchEffect – set up a WordPress-based viral launch page with refer-a-friend mechanism

    Web Page Elements

    Test Your Site’s Performance

    • BrowserMob – load-test your website (free trial)
    • LoadImpact – load-test your website (a few free credits when you register)
    • Boomerang – measure the performance of your website from your end user’s point of view

    Test Your Site in Different Browsers

    • Browsershots – view your web page in different browsers (free)
    • IETester – test how your site renders in different versions of Internet Explorer

    Improve Your Site

    Web Infrastructure

    Web Hosting

    • Slicehost – cheap US hosting if you’re happy installing and maintaining everything yourself
    • Linode – more of the same, but with UK and US data centres [affiliate link]
    • Bytemark – same but UK-based (not used them yet, but I hear good things)


    • easyDNS – reliable DNS service

    Uptime Monitoring

    • UptimeRobot – free website uptime monitoring for up to 50 websites

    Customer Acquisition


    Email Marketing

    • MailChimp – email marketing and analytics platform
    • AWeber – email marketing system popular for its autoresponder system


    Viral Marketing



    • Pricing theory and advice from Joel Spolsky (a.k.a. Joel on Software)
    • Ask potential customers face-to-face. Watch their body language.
    • High-ball strategy: Tell the prospective customer “This’ll cost you £xxx” (insert amount you’re 99% sure is too high). Watch their response. Ask what they would pay.




    • VentureLoop – find a job in a venture-backed startup


    Recommended Startup Books

    Other Resources

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    You may also find some useful stuff in my post on useful resources for London startups.


    Creative Commons License photo credit: Nottinghack

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