PayPal’s Comedy Customer Service

Is it just me, or is PayPal's European customer service laughably bad?I wrote to them on 10th October about a problem I'd been having. Thankfully, I didn't really need a reply from them as my issue was resolved. I say thankfully, because it took … [Continue reading]

Putting Takeaway Menus Online

Alright, it's time to talk about a new idea I've been looking at and have been putting through some initial market testing. It's quite simple, really: put takeaway menus online. I'm planning to scan as many menus as possible and put them all on a … [Continue reading]

Yet Another Localmouth Facelift

Screen shot 2011-12-02 at 23.31.07

Yes, it was time for another round of CSS fun and some delving into istockphoto. I've been a bit freer with the colours with this version which I think makes the site look a bit more inviting. I've also added some graphical buttons to make the site … [Continue reading]

Localmouth limerick competition winners

OK, I'm a bit late with this post, but for completeness, here are the short-list and winners of the Localmouth Best Local Limericks Awards 2007: 50 Top Limericks Winning Limericks Enjoy! … [Continue reading]

How to add nofollow to links in Rails

It's really very simple, but this one took me a while to figure out, so I thought I'd post it in case it helps someone else. If you want to add a rel='nofollow' attribute to a link generated with a Rails helper, you just need to specify it … [Continue reading]

Localmouth limerick competition launched

Fancy a bit of fun? Here's your chance... In a blaze of publicity (well, sort of), the localmouth Best Local Limerick Awards 2007 were launched last week. … [Continue reading]

Getting content


Localmouth was feeling a bit empty. To help counter that problem I've hooked up a number of information feeds from other websites. Localmouth now pulls in listings for local news, events, property, jobs and personal ads. I've also added a Google map … [Continue reading]

Another new look


The localmouth site now has an updated look, incorporating the new logo. I think it looks a bit more professional, but could be a bit more lively. Maybe the photos should make a return...? … [Continue reading]

New logo


localmouth now has a new logo! Thanks to everyone who helped choose it. … [Continue reading]

Back online

Right, 67 minutes after I reported that I'd fixed the problem, my sites were back online.In total my sites were down for 5 hours. Here's a rough breakdown of where the time went:2.5 hours before I saw email telling me my site had been taken down1 … [Continue reading]