Will the UK Start Regulating Social Networks?

photo credit: Urbankudos "Nine out of 10 say rules should govern social sites" According to Bobby Johnson in yesterday's Guardian (Facebook Information Should be Regulated, Survey Says), "89% of those surveyed by the Press Complaints Commission … [Continue reading]

Washington Post Hits Hyperlocal Hurdles

photo credit: Ed Yourdon Newspapers as we know them are dying. Offline readership numbers are dwindling as more and more people find what they need on the Web. Owners and editors everywhere have been grappling for some time now with how to stay … [Continue reading]

Death of a Startup: Why Meetro Failed

photo credit: Tony the Misfit TechCrunch ran an interesting post-mortem article yesterday by the founder of Meetro, a location-aware instant messaging platform, that recently closed its doors. Meetro's idea was to let users download an … [Continue reading]

FatDoor is No More


I've just been catching up with TechCrunch, and read that FatDoor, a social network for neighbours, has closed down. At one point it sounded promising (and had a fancy-looking neighbour-mapping feature), but I guess things didn't look good in their … [Continue reading]

The Big Word Project

photo credit: sowri Here's a neat idea... these guys are selling words from a dictionary. … [Continue reading]

Best practice RESTful queries in Rails

photo credit: alexanderdrachmann I was recently helping a friend out with his Rails project and we were trying to figure out the best way to handle queries in a RESTful Rails app, i.e. returning a subset of items meeting certain conditions. After … [Continue reading]

How to Find a Technical Co-Founder

Credit: Robert Scoble So you've got a great idea for a killer Web startup but you're not a techie yourself? You're looking for a technical business partner or CTO; someone who understands business but can pull the technical side of things together … [Continue reading]

Enabled by Design

Social Innovation Camp

I had the pleasure of attending Social Innovation Camp this weekend. It was a chance to meet some great people, all with an interest in making the world a better place by using web technology as the basis for social ventures of one sort or another. A … [Continue reading]

How to Find Top Tips on Almost Anything (…or Just a Few Random Things for Now)

photo credit: Seth Thomas Rasmussen Do you collect tips and tricks? Do you want to know how to do almost anything better? And do you like to share what you know? Then Tipfo is for you. The alpha version of the site is ready to try out … [Continue reading]

UK Hire Guide

hirefind screenshot

HireGuru is a new site I've been working on. It is a directory of UK hire companies with details of companies hiring out things from sumo suits to helicopters. … [Continue reading]