Group-Buying Deals for London

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Very soon, together with my co-founders, I'm going to be launching a new venture. Like VouChaCha, it's going to offer local deals. And like MenuLover, it's food-related. This time, though, there's a new twist: group buying. The group buying bit … [Continue reading]

Launch48, October 2009

130 assorted programmers, designers and business folk; 6 eager teams; one crazily ambitious goal. Launch48 was back. The goal? Launch a web startup in under 48 hours. I attended the first Launch48 event back in February. It was great fun and … [Continue reading]

How to Choose an E-Commerce Shopping Cart

I recently spent some time comparing current e-commerce platforms (a.k.a. shopping carts). It's a complicated area, so I thought I'd share my findings here in case they can be useful to others. These are my opinions and analysis based on my own … [Continue reading]

The Metric-Driven Startup

Here's a great slide deck from Dave McClure on startup metrics. If you're doing a web startup, these slides are a great summary of a lot of the stuff you should be thinking about (IMHO). Check out slides 9 and 12 in particular. The appendix at the … [Continue reading]

ReceiptFarm – Easy Way to do Expenses

I've been working on a new service lately, called ReceiptFarm. The idea of it is to take the pain out of doing expenses. It works like this: You send us your expense receipts once a month. We scan and input them. You get a report about … [Continue reading]

How to Test a Business Model

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I've been researching some new business ideas lately and it struck me how rarely people seem to discuss quick and cheap ways of testing the critical assumptions upon which business models are based. Often we're keen to play with Excel, but less … [Continue reading]

Launch48 – Launching a Start-up in a Weekend

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Making Stuff Happen in 48 Hours The last couple of days I was involved in another "build a website in 48 hours" event. This time, it was Launch48, organised by a couple of friends of mine, Ian Broom and Adil Mohammed. Thanks to lots of great work … [Continue reading]

John Buckman on How to be a Successful Internet Entrepreneur

John Buckman, founder and CEO of (and founder of BookMooch), gave a really interesting talk on how to be successful as an Internet entrepreneur at Loic Le Meur's recent LeWeb08 conference in Paris. He had a lot of good, practical tips … [Continue reading]

GoodGym – Winners of SI Camp 2!


This weekend I was lucky enough to be part of the second Social Innovation Camp. Like the first SI Camp back in April, the idea was to get geeks and social innovators together for an intense couple of days to work in small teams to prototype some … [Continue reading]

How to Use Metrics to Optimize Your Way to a Killer App

This is a great slideshow (with audio) on how to use metrics to drive the development of your web app. Designing and Optimizing the DNA of a Killer App by Dan Olsen - Startonomics View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: software … [Continue reading]