85 Great Resources for London Startups

If you're setting up a web-based business in London, there are lots of resources that can come in handy once you know about them. I thought I'd share some of my favourites here in case there a few you don't yet know about. This is a selection of … [Continue reading]

Boudoir Privé – Beauty Boxes by Subscription

Two pink boxes with the Boudoir Privé logo

I've recently launched a new subscription e-commerce business and it turns out we're in a hot space again (as we were with DealBunch and the daily deal phenomenon last year)... Boudoir Privé is all about meeting the desire that a lot of women have … [Continue reading]

Getting to Critical Mass: How to Start a Marketplace Business

Are you thinking of setting up a two-sided marketplace business? It's a tricky thing to do, so you're going to need all the help you can get. Why not learn from how other people have managed it successfully in the past? One challenge of creating … [Continue reading]

What’s the Future of Local Advertising?

What will local advertising look like a few years from now? BIA/Kelsey recently released the following slides about the local ad marketplace in the US. A few interesting points they make: It's Big - The local ad market brings in $133 … [Continue reading]

So You Want to Start a Web Startup (NSFW)

[Continue reading]

Google Boost – Simpler Self-Service Ads for Local Businesses

Google today announced 'Boost' a new, simplified self-service ad offering. It's in beta for the time-being and only available in a few cities in the US, but it could be an interesting step in helping small businesses get started with online … [Continue reading]

Tips from Business of Software 2010

Patrick over at Micro ISV on a Shoestring has a fantastic post summarising lessons learnt at the recent Business of Software 2010 Conference. He goes through highlights of a number of talks and it's good reading for anyone in the business of … [Continue reading]

New PayPal Checkout Page

New PayPal Checkout Page

I was just making a payment via PayPal and discovered that PayPal have a new checkout page. Here it is with the payment via PayPal option showing (this is the default for people who already have a PayPal account): As before, those who don't … [Continue reading]

Realities of Small Business Websites

I spend a lot of time with people who know a lot about the web. They're either building online businesses or they're 30-something friends who live in London and who use the internet frequently in their day-to-day lives. That's why I found it … [Continue reading]

How to Speed Up Web Development Using a PSD to HTML Service

Could you be saving yourself time and money with a PSD to HTML service? PSD to HTML services allow you to send in the design for a web page as a PSD file (the kind of thing your web designer will create in Photoshop) and give you back a set of … [Continue reading]