Account suspended

As I write, my web hosting account has been suspended for “abuse” for a little over 3 hours and counting. It’s the first time this has happened to me, and as I don’t have any real traffic to speak of, it’s an interesting fire drill. I am particularly keen to see how my web hosting […]

A Day at Internet World 2007

I spent today at the Internet World show at Earls Court. Apart from being a good excuse to escape from my trusty laptop for a day, there were a number of interesting talks and even some web usability experts on hand offering some free advice. Out of the presentations I attended, the most interesting tidbits […]

Sending data from browser to server with javascript and JSON

This is some code I wrote to send data from a javascript object (on a browser) to a Rails application on a server. [My aim was to use the Google AJAX search API and a Google local search controller to search for and select business locations that I then wanted to store away in a […]