Localmouth limerick competition winners

OK, I’m a bit late with this post, but for completeness, here are the short-list and winners of the Localmouth Best Local Limericks Awards 2007: 50 Top Limericks Winning Limericks Enjoy!

Localmouth limerick competition launched

Fancy a bit of fun? Here’s your chance… In a blaze of publicity (well, sort of), the localmouth Best Local Limerick Awards 2007 were launched last week.

Getting content


Localmouth was feeling a bit empty. To help counter that problem I’ve hooked up a number of information feeds from other websites. Localmouth now pulls in listings for local news, events, property, jobs and personal ads. I’ve also added a Google map of the local area. Here’s how the new local homepage looks.

Another new look


The localmouth site now has an updated look, incorporating the new logo. I think it looks a bit more professional, but could be a bit more lively. Maybe the photos should make a return…?

New logo


localmouth now has a new logo! Thanks to everyone who helped choose it.



Listier is not the only new creation here at mulogy headquarters. localmouth is a new site I’ve set up over the last week which provides a local community homepage for every village, town and suburb in the UK. The residents of each place can use it to share local information such as details of local […]


A new site has recently joined the mulogy stable. Listier is a bit of a toy thing for the moment, but it does already do something useful. You can create online lists that are visible to everyone. Other people can then contribute to your lists. This could be useful for collaboration between friends or to […]

Every settlement in the UK

It’s been a few weeks since my last post, so there’s a fair bit to catch up on. I’ll start with what’s been going on with VillageRatings. I spent a while grappling with adding a large database of UK placenames and locations to VillageRatings. This turned out to be quite involved, mainly because the dataset […]

VillageRatings – now with improved usability (hopefully!)


Taking the usability tips I received yesterday, I’ve spent most of the day updating the VillageRatings site, applying the “low-hanging-fruit” changes. Here’s the new-look version.

Usability advice for VillageRatings


At Internet World, the affable and knowledgeable Simon and Alex (I hope I have the names right) from Nomensa and a very nice chap from Cyber-Duck gave me some great advice for VillageRatings (much of which will be generally applicable) that I hope to put to good use in the months to come. Here’s the […]