Comparing Payment Gateways and Merchant Accounts

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Working out how to accept payments online is a pain. What do you need, exactly? Which payment gateway should you choose? How much will it cost? I’ve set up a few online businesses now, so I think I have a pretty good idea of it all, but I remember how confusing all this payments stuff […]

Boudoir Privé – Beauty Boxes by Subscription

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I’ve recently launched a new subscription e-commerce business and it turns out we’re in a hot space again (as we were with DealBunch and the daily deal phenomenon last year)… Boudoir Privé is all about meeting the desire that a lot of women have for beauty products. Each month, we send out luxury ‘beauty boxes’ with […]

Group-Buying Deals for London

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Very soon, together with my co-founders, I’m going to be launching a new venture. Like VouChaCha, it’s going to offer local deals. And like MenuLover, it’s food-related. This time, though, there’s a new twist: group buying. The group buying bit works like this: When you sign up for our service, we use the bargaining power […]

ReceiptFarm – Easy Way to do Expenses

I’ve been working on a new service lately, called ReceiptFarm. The idea of it is to take the pain out of doing expenses. It works like this: You send us your expense receipts once a month. We scan and input them. You get a report about your spending and a digital archive of your receipts. […]

Launch48 – Launching a Start-up in a Weekend

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Making Stuff Happen in 48 Hours The last couple of days I was involved in another “build a website in 48 hours” event. This time, it was Launch48, organised by a couple of friends of mine, Ian Broom and Adil Mohammed. Thanks to lots of great work from Ian and Adil, some generous sponsors who […]

GoodGym – Winners of SI Camp 2!


This weekend I was lucky enough to be part of the second Social Innovation Camp. Like the first SI Camp back in April, the idea was to get geeks and social innovators together for an intense couple of days to work in small teams to prototype some socially-beneficial web tools. It was a huge amount […]

Enabled by Design

Social Innovation Camp

I had the pleasure of attending Social Innovation Camp this weekend. It was a chance to meet some great people, all with an interest in making the world a better place by using web technology as the basis for social ventures of one sort or another. A little like Startup Weekend, the idea was to […]

How to Find Top Tips on Almost Anything (…or Just a Few Random Things for Now)

photo credit: Seth Thomas Rasmussen Do you collect tips and tricks? Do you want to know how to do almost anything better? And do you like to share what you know? Then Tipfo is for you. The alpha version of the site is ready to try out now. Expect broken links, amateurish logos and all […] site revamp

I’ve just revamped and finally moved this blog to a private WordPress installation. Let me know if you have any problems with any of it.

Yet Another Localmouth Facelift

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Yes, it was time for another round of CSS fun and some delving into istockphoto. I’ve been a bit freer with the colours with this version which I think makes the site look a bit more inviting. I’ve also added some graphical buttons to make the site look a bit more professional and hopefully encourage […]