Will the UK Start Regulating Social Networks?

photo credit: Urbankudos “Nine out of 10 say rules should govern social sites” According to Bobby Johnson in yesterday’s Guardian (Facebook Information Should be Regulated, Survey Says), “89% of those surveyed by the Press Complaints Commission said there should be a set of widely accepted rules to help prevent personal information – such as private […]

The Big Word Project

photo credit: sowri Here’s a neat idea… these guys are selling words from a dictionary.

How to Find a Technical Co-Founder

Credit: Robert Scoble So you’ve got a great idea for a killer Web startup but you’re not a techie yourself? You’re looking for a technical business partner or CTO; someone who understands business but can pull the technical side of things together and make your ideas real? This kind of person can be hard to […]

UK Hire Guide

hirefind screenshot

HireGuru is a new site I’ve been working on. It is a directory of UK hire companies with details of companies hiring out things from sumo suits to helicopters.

London Startup Weekend

Screen shot 2011-12-03 at 00.04.32

I spent this last weekend with a group of 30 or so web developers, designers and entrepreneurs that I’d never met before as part of something called London Startup Weekend. The idea was something that had already been tried out in the US, but was a first for the UK: to get a bunch of […]

My Competitors get Dragons’ Den Funding

Half way through discussing my online takeaway idea with a friend, what should show up on Dragons’ Den, but two guys with a different online menu idea! We couldn’t believe it! hungryhouse.co.uk are similar to just-eat.co.uk and succeeding in getting £100,000 of funding from the Dragons in exchange for 50% of their company (although with […]

PayPal’s Comedy Customer Service

Is it just me, or is PayPal’s European customer service laughably bad? I wrote to them on 10th October about a problem I’d been having. Thankfully, I didn’t really need a reply from them as my issue was resolved. I say thankfully, because it took them until just now (16th November) to send me a […]

Putting Takeaway Menus Online

Alright, it’s time to talk about a new idea I’ve been looking at and have been putting through some initial market testing. It’s quite simple, really: put takeaway menus online. I’m planning to scan as many menus as possible and put them all on a website so that whenever you’re hungry you can find the […]

Getting content


Localmouth was feeling a bit empty. To help counter that problem I’ve hooked up a number of information feeds from other websites. Localmouth now pulls in listings for local news, events, property, jobs and personal ads. I’ve also added a Google map of the local area. Here’s how the new local homepage looks.