How to Use Metrics to Optimize Your Way to a Killer App

This is a great slideshow (with audio) on how to use metrics to drive the development of your web app. Designing and Optimizing the DNA of a Killer App by Dan Olsen – Startonomics View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: software consumer)

Predicting the Top-Selling Web Apps of the Future

The Future of Web Apps?

Can Sales of Desktop Apps Predict Successful Web Apps? Attending FOWA a couple of weeks ago got me thinking about web apps in general. With the move from desktop to web-hosted software, I’m wondering if what’s selling now in desktop versions will be a good predictor for what people will pay for in web app […]

UK Advertising Industry Statistics

This data has been out for a few months now, but for anyone whose business depends on advertising, it’s worth a second look. It’s from the World Advertising Research Center’s Advertising Statistics Yearbook 2008. UK Advertising Expenditure at current prices, 2007 Advertising Medium Total advertising expenditure £ millions Year-on-year % change Press 7,716 -1.6% Television […]

HelloMetro Wins Hyperlocal Trademark

According to their own press release, HelloMetro has been awarded a trademark from the US patent office for use of the term ‘Hyperlocal’. In a comment on Search Engine Watch, their CEO explains that their use describes their service of “advertising/providing information on the goods and services of others that are of local interest”. Astonishing! […]

The Business of Selling Expensive, Niche Software

photo credit: wit Here’s a nice article on selling expensive, niche software.

Is Screenscraping Legal? Ryanair Versus Bravofly

photo credit: mattbuck4950 Out-Law had an interesting article yesterday about how Ryanair is taking a Dutch fare comparison website to court in Ireland for screenscraping. If I understand rightly, Ryanair’s case hinges on whether or not the terms of use of their website count as a contract; they say they do whereas the scrapers argue […]

Government Launches Competition to Mashup UK Public Information

photo credit: alexliivet It’s time to put your thinking cap on. The UK government’s Power of Information Taskforce last week launched a £20,000 competition for good ideas about how to use a raft of public information. Alongside the launch, the government is making available a number of new sets of data and APIs, including a […]

Will the UK Start Regulating Social Networks?

photo credit: Urbankudos “Nine out of 10 say rules should govern social sites” According to Bobby Johnson in yesterday’s Guardian (Facebook Information Should be Regulated, Survey Says), “89% of those surveyed by the Press Complaints Commission said there should be a set of widely accepted rules to help prevent personal information – such as private […]

The Big Word Project

photo credit: sowri Here’s a neat idea… these guys are selling words from a dictionary.

How to Find a Technical Co-Founder

Credit: Robert Scoble So you’ve got a great idea for a killer Web startup but you’re not a techie yourself? You’re looking for a technical business partner or CTO; someone who understands business but can pull the technical side of things together and make your ideas real? This kind of person can be hard to […]